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Speculative Identities

Speculative Identities

Exploring the Frontiers of Visual Identity Design as Envisioned by Science Fiction

Art of Atari



Perusing the pages of Art of Atari, a fantastic retrospective book collecting Atari artwork from cartridges, packaging and other marketing material, I noted several marks that appeared in art produced for their science fiction games. Video game art, even in its early days, definitely seems like a source I should investigate further.

Source: Art of Atari

Detail of cover art for Missile Command (Arcade, 2600) by George Opperman.
Unused cover art for Defender (2600) by Chris Kenyon.
Unused interior manual illustration for Vanguard (5200) by Terry Hoff.
Interior manual art for Yar's Revenge (2600) by Hiro Kimura.