Exploring the Frontiers of Visual Identity Design as Envisioned by Science Fiction

Icarus Space Travel



Following Mama's Sauce Printing, I came across this fantastic project by Family Tree Design, where they've designed a purchasable customer gift package from the fictional "Icarus Space Travel" company. They even went so far as to write up a little history for their science fiction creation!

From their description on Mama's Sauce:

"Fly to Mars in 1965! Only on Icarus! .... This piece is just one part of a larger project. The ticket is the centerpiece of an entire gift box set for a 1960s trip to Mars. Which we are customizing for each customer by putting their name on it with an old typewriter. In addition to the ticket/pin combo, the kit comes in a custom box and also includes a screen printed poster, embroidered hat, wood model rocket, and wood stand for the ticket. I wanted to create an entire product experience of what it would look and feel like if someone was selling private space travel tickets in the 60s. I even created a whole history for Icarus Space Travel which is on the Familytree website!" -Familytree

Find the full history piece here, which includes a link to purchase the ticket or gift box.

Source: Family Tree Design

Sheeple Vision



Category: Entertainment, Virtual Reality

Source: Mute · Netflix

Early Look: Altered Carbon



One of several marks that can be glimpsed in early looks at Netflix's Altered Carbon, an upcoming sci-fi series set for release in February 2018. More on this when it becomes available.

Images: Netflix

United National Unions (UNU)



Category: Government, Military

Source: Alien Invasion: S.U.M.1 · Gravitas Ventures

Aboard the Rebel Blockade Runner



Noted in a film still I stumbled upon, on the internet: In this scene from Star Wars: A New Hope, where Captain Antilles is being interrogated by Darth Vader aboard the Rebel blockade runner, there appears to be some kind of logo or symbol in the background. It's something I've failed to notice before, that I'll have to investigate.

Cerberus Minerals



Category: Megacorporation, Mining

Source: Zygote · Oats Studios

Simi Corporation



Category: Augmented Reality

Source: "Safe and Sound." Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams (S01·E06).

Dustrial Clothing



"Futurism, geometry, astrophysics, cyberpunk, internet culture, the occult. These are some of the things that inspire me. Dustrial explores the parallels of science fact and science fiction over the last hundred years. How it shapes our perception of the past, present and future."

I've followed Dustrial for a while now, and have noted the regular appearance of logos on their science fiction-inspired clothing, whether it be their own inventions or parodies of existing marks — not to mention Dustrial's own scifi-inspired identity, pictured above.

Find them at the following links:

Dustrial · Instagram

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Media Mentions


"A Design Detective’s Quest for The Marks of Other Worlds"

by Ellen Healy, LogoLounge, January 19, 2018.

International Space Authority (ISA)



“Slowly rotating at the edge of deep space, 1,000 kilometers beyond the atmosphere of 21st-century Earth, is the Arthur C. Clarke Astronomical Observatory: Starlab. Here Starlab Research Director Maura Cassidy, along with scientists and technicians of the International Space Authority, watch over the countless stars and planets that fill the silent distances beyond…”

Category: Space Exploration

Source: "Alien Worlds: Science-Fiction Radio Rides Again." Starlog, Issue Number 36, July 1980.

Symbol of Human Resistance in Rakka



Category: Military

Source: Rakka · Oats Studios

The Spirit Mill



Category: AI, Biotech, Synthetic Humans

Source: "Crazy Diamond." Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams (S01·E04).